Kluivert: “of Course, PSV is not a nice champion’

Justin Kluivert said earlier not plan to ever PSV or Feyenoord to lose. Sunday should be the winger of Ajax, his ’promise’ to the Ajax-fans to proceed. Otherwise, PSV in the Philips Stadium, with the kampioensschaal and Ajax a between the forms. “That would be a bit humiliating,” said the Native. “We are going to do anything to prevent it.”

David Neres is congratulated by Justin Kluivert.

On the question of whether PSV a ’beautiful champion’ is when Ajax is defeated, replies Kluivert with him well-known swagger. “No, of course not. If the team with the most beautiful football champion, we should.” It is certainly not disrespectful meant, is evident from Kluiverts following sentence. “If they have the title suits it just earned and congratulate me them. As a professional you are, so is sport.”

It does not mean that he is in Eindhoven to the teeth armed to the Brabant party to disrupt. “In the home match (3-0) we have to show that they can win, so we have our own qualities and go out. So far this season we have all the top seeds won. Now let’s also go for it. We have been there in the run-up to Heracles briefly talked about. We remain in the title believe it to in terms of points.”

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