Kitchen Jan the Lot catches on fire in pictures

During the recording of the new RTL 4 programme Superstar Chef is the kitchen of participant Jan the Hope is in the fire that followed. “It was just a small kitchenette. I had very little space to my culinary gifts works to spread”, said the newsreader on Monday at the table with the talk show, 5 hours of Live.

Jan got a crash course in cooking from master chef Angélique Schmeinck. “I cook at home never. I participate for the fun of it,”he said Jan. He was not even an egg to baking. “It was at least at three points wrong, for example, broke the yolk,” said Schmeinck.

Jan has learned a lot from the cooking show. “Cooking requires peace and tranquility, overview and organize”, know Jan now. In the course of the culinary battle special Jan by oysters to open and mackerel to fillet.

Eight celebrities take part in the programme that on april 24, starts at RTL 4. Ruben van der meer plays in a duo with Freek van Noortwijk. Ronald de Boer is linked to Jaimie van Heije. Kaj Gorgels with André Gerrits the kitchen. The other participants are Monique Smit, Jelka van Houten, Goedele Liekens and Anouk Hoogendijk. According to Jan Hope to have several candidates from cuts incurred.

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