Jeffrey is not The Mole

Bad luck for Jeffrey Linden, he was a Sunday-night red screen at The Mol and is therefore out of the game. The 40-that they had incorrectly gambled and saw his dream to help The Mole to expose in-breaking fall. We already have long given up to The Mole, searching for the creators of the program will ensure intentional for everyone is suspicious, it is logical, because otherwise the fun off by the people who did to the saboteur in the game search. That does not in fact what that we don’t see every week faithfully follow because The Mole is very good. The creators made in the episode of Sunday for a lot of stress and impossible tasks.

Last week got The Mole a tap at the audience, wondering how many people there Sunday night still looked at this thing for many a long tv day after Paris-Roubaix. But the nice weather still to silence.

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