Horror film “A Quiet Place” adorns the top of American box-office

John Krasinski’s horror film “A Quiet Place” is on the first place in the North American box-office. The film surpassed 50 million dollar all expectations and is thus the second best opening weekend of 2018, after the 202 million dollar “Black Panther” quite a lot.

In the movie a family was forced to remain in silence, to live and to hide for creatures on sound to hunt. Director John Krasinski plays the head of the household. The British Emily Blunt is, just like in real life, married to him. The success of “A Quiet Place” is, according to media analyst Paul Dergarabedian due to the current popularity of the horror genre. “In North America brought horror movies last year, more than $ 1 billion,” he says. Kyle Davies of Paramount, the studio behind “A Quiet Place”, says in his turn that the mouth-to-mouth after the SXSW festival is responsible.

Steven spielberg’s sci-fi film ‘Ready Player One” is at number two and spent 25.1 million dollars in just three days and 96.9 million dollars in two weeks. That is apparent from the provisional figures that Exhibitor Relations yesterday shared. By critics considered to be spielberg’s testament, is full of special effects and references to his most popular movies from the 80’s and 90’s, such as “E. T,” “Jaws” and “Jurassic Park.”

That R-rated comedy “Blockers” by Kay Cannon and John Cena, Leslie Mann and Ike Barinholtz ended up in third place with an impressive 21.4 million dollars. “We are extremely pleased,” said Jim Orr of Universal. “Kay Cannon and her directorial debut, have performed well and better than we expected.” In the film to try three parents and their daughters to prevent their virginity to lose out on their galabal.

The first blockbuster from Marvel with a black superhero in the lead role after eight weeks in the halls on place four, with 8.4 million dollars in revenue between Friday and Sunday. In total, “Black Panther” n 665,4 million dollars in the coffers. “I Can Only Imagine” closes the top five with 8.4 million dollars in three days time and 69,1 million dollars on a monthly basis.

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