Gruwelzaak in Japan: older family members killed

KAGOSHIMA, A Japanese man is suspected that he has killed. He was on Saturday arrested after three bodies were found and the police found later, two more victims, reports the newspaper The Japan Times. The 38-year-old man, the murders known, says the police. He would all of the victims in the same house were killed.

Agents came to the business on the track after the father of the suspect showed up at his work.

The last bodies that were found were of his father (68) and grandmother (89), that in the house lived, where the other three bodies were found. The two were found in a grave in a forest near the city of Hioki, after instructions of the defendant. The matter came to light when the employer of the murdered father to call drew.

The other victims were an aunt (69), her sister (72) and a neighbor.

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