Gordon come out with alleged ex

Gordon and his alleged ex Kevin B. there are also after a last urgent call of the court is not true. On 23 april the court, therefore, ruling in summary proceedings by Kevin was filed.

The court in Lelystad pointed the two men out that intimate correspondence of both of them on the street can come as a result of a judgment. Although Gordon is in tears when he heard that, and Kevins biggest wish is to be let alone, come to a decision.

Kevin demands a contactverbod, that with a penalty force that needs to be taken. That is, according to Gordon and his lawyer too far. The entertainer wants to turn a rectification, so that “he is rehabilitated is in my status as a BN’that I am not a liar am”. Find out that Kevin and his lawyer, then again a bridge too far.

Gordon presented Kevin in February on social media as his new friend. According to the doctor in training, there is however never a relationship.

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