First showdown Waylon

Waylon will be this Saturday, his first battle experience with his competitors at the Eurovision song Contest.

Than act 32 participating entries in the Afas Live in Amsterdam, during the annual event Eurovision In Concert. Underneath are Israel, Finland and the Czech republic, the favourites for victory this year. Also will be a lot of interest for the performances of Belgium and Australia. In total this year 43 countries will participate in the largest music competition in the world.

The annual songfestivalfeestje in Amsterdam is hard prick for the bookmakers and songfestivalfans: they consider Eurovision In Concert as the first approximation measure and the concert is true for many as a prelude to the Eurovision song Contest. Prior to the concert, all songfestivaldelegaties welcomed by Songfestivalfeitenkenner Mark Harbers, the state secretary of Justice and Security, and Jon Ola Sand, the boss of the Eurovision song Contest on behalf of the EBU, the European Broadcasting organisation. In addition, there are performances of Sandra Kim (who is the Eurovision song Contest in 1986) and Franklin Brown & Maxine (7th in 1996). The event is presented by commentator Cornald Maas and Edsilia Rombley (4th in 1998).

The Amsterdam Songfestvialweekeinde crack Friday night al los in the Milky way. There will be evening performances of, among others, Anne Marie David (winner 1973), Emmelie De Forest (winner 2013). Esther Hart (13th in 2003), and Poli Genova (4th in 2016). The performing artists will be in the Milky way not only their own contributions to sing, but also other Eurovision classics. For both nights are still tickets available.

In the polls at the bookmakers, this is the current top 11: 1. Israel 2. Estonia 3. Czech republic 4. Bulgaria 5. Australia 6. 7 belgium. Sweden 8. Norway 9. France 10. Greece 11. The netherlands.

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