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Facebook once again databedrijf on black list

After Cambridge Analytica is again a databedrijf in time to come. Facebook investigates Cubeyou, after reports that the American marketing user information of Facebook not correctly would have used. In anticipation of the results put Facebook Cubeyou on his black list.

The American news channel CNBC reported last weekend that Cubeyou information would have been collected through quizjes on Facebook, supposedly for scientific research. In reality, it went marketers with the information to get started.

If, after an audit shows that there is effectively a problem is, will all the apps from Cubeyou will be banned from Facebook, so let Facebook understand.

The social networking websites has this weekend also the data-analyst firm AggregateIQ of its platform will be suspended. That company is suspected of a very important role to have played in the Brexit referendum.

Facebook users whose data ended up in dataonderzoeker Cambridge Analytica shall otherwise Monday will be informed via a notification at the top of their Facebook feed. That is what Facebook itself, last Wednesday, promised. In total, 87 million users have been affected. In Belgium it would be around 61.000 people.

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