Domien ’sick’ of bad luistercijfers

Domien Verschuuren has last week called in sick, because of him, all a bit too much. 3FM-dj felt ’as fit as a fiddle, except in my head’ and decided two days to stay at home.

“I am sometimes just mad of all those anonymous schreeuwertjes that say how shitty you are,” said Domien Monday in his ochtendshow. “I wasn’t sick, I had no flu. I almost felt as fit as a fiddle, except in my head. I was so bad at it.” He decided to take a few days to stay at home, and that did him good. “I’m back on eighty percent I think, and in the next few days, I come back to one hundred percent.”

The dj understands that the crazy can happen. “Because you’re a dj, you have the best occupation of the Netherlands and you do the most beautiful work that there is. That is also true, but sometimes it is a little too much and you go burdened by social pressure and pressure to achieve.” The luistercijfers of the transmitter and walk back and that touches Domien personal. “It’s not so good with 3FM and we can be very secretive about doing it, but if it does not go well with 3FM and you’re the captain of the team that is not going well, then it is automatically your fault.”

NPO 3, NPO 3FM and NPO FunX questions under the motto #trueselfie the coming weeks, attention to psychological problems in young people. The public jongerenplatforms want the subject in the taboesfeer. From Monday tell young experts their story on tv, radio and online.

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