Dog owners doodbeet remains may still be life

Chico bite last week, his owners death in a flat in Hanover. The dog would be a syringe, but after severe protest, that decision may not have.

In a petition to ask for more than 260,000 people to Chico to save, because they don’t agree with his death-warrant. He bit his owners, Lezime K (52) and Liridon (27), death. The firemen discovered the bodies on Tuesday of last week.

Now it seems that the owners have been around for a time had no control over the dog. On the advice of a social worker was son to a dog trainer with Chico. The trainer switched the diereninspectie, who had to judge whether or not the dog in the family was allowed to stay. But the family never went with the dog to the proper authorities, that the situations also not succeeded. They left the dog in the family.

The decision of the city council about the life of Chico will follow later. The animal shelter where Chico stays already has hundreds of applications received from people who, for the dog, like to take care of. “Chico has the right to a second chance, with people who have experience with dogs”, concludes Corina Ludwig, that the petition signed.

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