’Bye Bye Facebook bad to find’

According to Arjen is Well-removes Facebook the event Bye Bye to Facebook from the search results. Well called Sunday in the final episode of the season Sunday with a Well-viewers on their Facebook account to say as a result of the recent leakage of private information.

Wednesday at 20: 00, he gives an example through his own page and that of his program to delete it. On a Well-established event on Facebook have now 12,000 viewers indicated him to follow, among them Georgina Verbaan and Janine Abbring. In addition, 29,000 people interested in the action.

Well noted on Monday that the Facebook-event hard to find. “It surprises me nothing. Of course, We have a party organised in the lair of the lion. Fortunately, the event is easy to reach via” says Well.

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