Brothers buy the island next to Ibiza

Formentera – Three brothers have a paradise island right next to Ibiza bought for 18 million euros.

Paradise beach in Ibiza, now in the hands of three rich Belgian brothers

For that amount get the brothers Cigrang from Antwerp S’Espalmador in the hands: a three-kilometre-long island.

The beautiful piece of nature is popular with chic dagjetoeristen, from prince William to Paris Hilton.

There is one condition: the new owner can’t help built, writes het Nieuwsblad. The brothers who are owners of shipping company Cobelfret will just have to make do with the two houses that are there now. One of the houses has, incidentally, twelve bedrooms, eight bathrooms and three large terraces.

Technically, however, it is not a separate island: at low tide it is possible of Formentera to walk up to S’Espalmador.

The golden beaches are the finest in Europe. S’Espalmador was only really known when Paris Hilton pictures of her self in a mud bath on the island shared.

The island was already since 2015 in the sale. The original asking price was 24 million. The Belgians, therefore, six million of af. Local directors wanted the state S’Espalmador would buy it. Ever came to the island in the thirties of the last century for 255 euros is in the hands of an Englishman. His descendants ironing now with the profit.

The family Cigrang will not loan have to close for the purchase of Their capacity is estimated at around 1 billion euros.

The group Cobelfret is not only a shipping company, but also operates port terminals, and provides ferry services to. They also have a significant share of 11 percent in asset manager Bank Degroof and invested in modern art and fashion houses A. F. Vandevorst and Christian Wijnants.

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