Also Arie Boomsma approached by Job Gosschalk

Arie Boomsma is one of the actors who had to deal with the sexually inappropriate behaviour of the former castingdirecteur Job Gosschalk. That explains the 44-year-old presenter in the new LINDA.

Boomsma tells the same story that other men have already told you. One night he got a phone call from Gosschalk. Or Arie for a casting. “Job said,” Imagine that you are at home, alone, you is a film to watch and is excited. You touch yourself.” So crack it-ie there is, of course, not immediately, it is carefully constructed.” Boomsma cut it and told Gosschalk that he was uncomfortable felt.

“There is something very ongemakkelijks. Job responded freakish, and I had the feeling that I had ruined,” continues the presenter. Luckily, it took him no further work. They have even ’a number of fun projects done then. “The crazy thing is: it is precisely because I spoke out and my border said, is our relationship a lot stronger.”

Arie wants to emphasize that he Job also a talented and funny man. Gosschalk is, according to the presenter, not through and through bad. He also has a good side, which means Arie just feel the need to bring the old-castingdirecteur.

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