Ajax-mercenary ‘bikkelt as Sanchez’ in Groningen

The player who has the ’Derby of the North’ (1-1) also really as such entered into, was a 20-year-old right back from Amsterdam. Deyovaisio Zeefuik puts FC Groningen what is necessary to survive in the Premier league.

Deyovaisio Zeefuik and Sergio Padt with FC Groningen a point about the visit to Heerenveen.

The Ajax-mercenary confirmed against SC Heerenveen and again why the northerners last winter directly an option to buy wanted terms, and why the clubleiding of the Locals there absolutely not wanted to go along. “I can Deyo enjoy, he brings about power and survival with him,” grins central defender Mike te Wierik on the man to his right on the field.

In Groningen smult everyone of Zeefuik. They find it wonderful as he is, such as in a 1-1 stand late in the second half, three times in a few seconds with success for a shot throws. And how he with rock-hard, but fair tackles his opponents afstopt. Arber Zeneli seemed so shocked by the lightning-fast concrete block on the right tekeerging, that he was invisible, and eventually was exchanged. In terms of level of poverty, derby was the sentiment like that, a real Frisian as Michel Vlap the 1-0 made. The derbyheld he was not, as Tom van Weert (1-1) since a line through put.

Davinson Sanchez stepped in last summer after one year of Ajax to Tottenham Hotspur, where he weekly wows.

Zeefuik is a excellent acquisition, according To Wierik. “He talks in it and that kind of players you see less and less”, says the defender. “If you look at Davinson Sanchez last year at Ajax with his tackles, strength, and speed, that I find beautiful to see. There must gebikkeld. What Deyo in the us, stores in the group. If he continues, then he goes there.”

“Always give everything, that’s where it starts, and with the ball between them, you should never include,” laughs Zeefuik, who enjoy the appreciation after a difficult start in Ajax 1. “I don’t know what it was, but it was not good. Now let me see what I have at Ajax showed up and why I step to the first if. No, I have nothing about my future heard, that we see after the season.”

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