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Vandoorne satisfied after new points in Bahrain: “A strong catching up ridden”

The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne finished the GP of Bahrain as eighth in the points. Vandoorne looks back on his racing, he made a particularly bad start.

Bad start
After that bad start managed Vandoorne managed to complete a solid GP of Bahrain to drive. He developed a good racetempo and by a few strategically well-planned pit stops finished in a handsome eighth place.

“After the start of the race I had not thought that this is today possible would have been!” said Vandoorne. “I had a terribly bad start with lots of wheelspin. After the first turn I rode last. From there, I drove a great overtaking race and managed to eighth to finish. Both cars again in the points, that is a lot of fun.”

After a disappointing qualification on Saturday knew Vandoorne and McLaren during the race more competitive.

Strong catching up
“We knew that our racesnelheid would be better than what we got during the qualification showed and that we today also proved. We have a lot of cars caught up and made some nice overtaking in the first turn.”

“For me it was a great race and I really enjoyed the battles on the track. I’m very happy with. We were very ambitious today. Our strategy was good, our racesnelheid was better than a lot of cars around us and both cars in the points is a good result.”

By his eighth place today achieved Vandoorne again four important points, which are total points after just two races all on six brings. Last year achieved Vandoorne just thirteen points over a full F1 season. There may also be said to be a much better start to the season than last year.

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