René Froger and daughter have to ’get shit on Fat Fit’

René Froger has today ten kilometers walked during the Marathon of Rotterdam. And that he did not without reason: since his participation in the raft of the tube extracted SBS program Fat Fit, he is trying to lose weight and be healthier.

René Froger

Online Fat to Fit still further, and also, the participants were already know to continue with their health goals during their 100 days Fat to Fit Challenge. In addition to René Froger did under more Brace and the sisters of O G3NE. But also the daughter of René did during the first broadcast already know together with pa the challenge to one-hundred-day fit.

And so were father and daughter Froger today along the ten kilometers. And though their time is not the fastest, with 1 hour and 25 minutes, father Froger is very, very, proud to daughter Natascha who let us know after the first three kilometer heavy, but still doorzette. And then such a performance, of course, also be rewarded. “We are going tonight enjoy some food and a drink. Just shit on a hundred days Fat Fit.”

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