Nanouk Leopold makes a movie about hunting

Director Nanouk Leopold is working on a new English-language film, Whitetail ski resort, which will play in Canada. It is not yet known when the project starts to run.

“It is a film about a woman who hunts in Canada,” says Leopold. “The jachtmilieu as cultural expression keeps me busy for a long time.” The director has spent the last year immersed in this very specific world. “If you get grabbed by is, you will discover how many types of hunting there actually are. In Germany sitting hunters just on a tower to wait until the wild comes, in Scotland, to crawl they are on their belly through the grass.”

The underlying theme of the film is the relationship between man and violence. “It is a fascinating tension,” she explains. “Hunting need not necessarily be bad. We eat there also, for example, of. And sometimes hunting hunters also to the well-being of animals to be monitored, because otherwise they go down to overpopulation. In this story, is hunted Whitetail, from that deer with a white tail, but eventually hunt down the characters on each other.”

Leopold has just that grant had to the scenario to develop further. She and her regular producer Stienette Bosklopper are looking for international co-producers for the project. We are currently running in the cinemas her sixth film, Cobain, about a teenage boy living who are drug-addicted mother trying to save.

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