Nanouk Leopold hopes that Cobain also young people will be reached

Director Nanouk Leopold hopes that her latest film, Cobain, more young people than with her previous work. The drama tells about a teenage boy living who tries to be a drug addict mother to the rescue. At the festival of Berlin, where the film premiered, had Leopold a special experience.

“I’m usually not a movies where automatically young people come to”, she laughs almost apologetically. “But now Cobain screened for 1200 people between 15 and 25. That seemed to make the festival a fun experiment, because the movie is about a boy of 15 years.” The audience was euphoric. “I thought it was great that they violently react to it. The film really came at them. I think it would be nice if this film is what more young audience know how to reach.”

Leopold, who previously was responsible for arthousehits as Îles Flottantes and Above it is silent, made for the first time, a film that is not on a private scenario was based. “It gave me so much freedom,” she says. “Normally I as a screenwriter also, the line of the story in the monitor. But that had a different now for me logged. That gave me a lot of space to the role of director more the boundaries.” They improvised a lot, especially with the young debutant Bass Emperor. “In the sèene in which he and his mother to a soccer game with the homeless, is very much on the spot invented. That is something that I’ve never done this.”

She finds her dream of an actor between five hundred boys who tried out. “He was exactly between childhood and adulthood care,” explains Leopold. “But he had to feel in the role also well able to express himself without himself too much to change it.” Emperor, who, in daily life, studying at the Graphic Lyceum, had a certain vulnerability that is very disarming works. “Bass is a natural. We have ten boys chosen which we workshops have done; there he came far as best forward. The other guys have also, however, also has a role in the film.”

Cobain had a few difficult scenes, especially for a young actor. However, it was ontmaagding when a sex worker is not the most intense scene for the Emperor, says the director. “All saw he was against it, but that scene would be for professional actors already have been difficult”, praised it. “Only at the scene where he had to fight, hikte he really. That was very much against his nature; he takes, preferably far away from any form of aggression.”

Leopold thinks that her sixth film, a lot more hopeful than her previous work. “It is a heavy story,” admits she. “But main character, Cobain is very resilient, refusing to put up with the fact that life to him is not automatically toelacht. He believes in the mutability of his own existence, he is confident that he negative things can transform into something good. There would be many people in real life are a shining example.” Cobain is now running in the cinemas.

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