Mourinho: ‘Pep happy birthday for tomorrow’

José Mourinho has Pep Guardiola happy birthday for tomorrow, have already destroyed it he Saturday with Manchester United the ‘perfect’ kampioensfeest of stadgenoot City. The team of Mourinho defeated the leader of the Premier League with 3-2, so City still have to wait on the title.

José Mourinho and Pep Guardiola

“I have Pep to get congratulations because they deserve the title,” said Mourinho. “Of course, they are in the City frustrated, because they wanted it today to finish it. But sooner or later they will be champion.”

Manchester City had to win the city rival party could celebrate, but the team of Guardiola missed for your own audience, a lead of 2-0. Paul Pogba pulled the stand with two goals within three minutes of the same. “For our fans it would be like to die have felt like City against us champion had become,” said the Frenchman. “See them partying, that I could not allow that to happen.”

Chris Smalling made it with the 2-3 for that City for the first time this season, two games in a row lost. The team of Guardiola was Wednesday with 3-0 down has gone at Liverpool, in the first match in the quarter finals of the Champions League.

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