Kees Tol happy with presentatieklus and salary

Kees Tol has in the Avrobode let you know that he first had doubts in their adoption of the presentation Of Our Pennies by André van der Toorn, who unexpectedly had to stop when there last year, cancer for him, was observed. Now he is happy with his decision.

Kees Tol

According to Toll, he overcame his reservations soon, because he’s the broadcaster out of the fire wanted to help. “When he was told that he was seriously ill and therefore had to stop work early SBS 6 to me, or I Of Our Money wanted to take over. I said frankly: “I don’t know if it suits me, but of course I’ll do it; need breaks law.’”

Tol is also ’very happy’ that a second season was allowed to make, especially given the associated salary. “If I get a new car wants to buy, I think there at most a day after, and then I order him a day later.”

Van der Toorn, there was less and less happy with it and had at the time in the media be surprised that SBS6 had decided him completely off the program, while he again declared was.

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