Global cyber attack with an unmistakable message: ‘keep out of our elections’

Hackers have networks attacked in a number of countries, including Iran. They have the image of the American flag left behind with the warning: ‘Do not tamper with our elections.’ Reports that the Iranian minister of IT Saturday.

“The attack probably has 200.000 router switches all over the world followed, including 35.000 switches in our country”, said the ministry of Communications and information Technology in a statement from the official Iranian news agency IRNA.

According to the statement were isp’s are affected and customers of the internet thrown in. This would have been possible by a vulnerability in Cisco routers. The company had previously had a warning issued, with an update that some Iranian companies had not yet installed because of the Iranian nieuwjaarsvakantie.

Cisco responded itself is not initially on the question to comment. Thursday published Nick Biasini, a researcher at Cisco, then at least a blog post in which he referred to the attack. “There were several incidents in several countries, where in some cases the achilles’ heel of our system was targeted.’ The result is that our customers must actively encourage the available solution to apply.’

The Iranian IT minister, Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi posted on Twitter a screenshot of one of the devices with the flag and the message of the hackers. According to him it would not be clear who was behind the attack. Would especially Europe, India and the United States are the victims.

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