French media love album Axelle Red but album get hits in charts

According to record company Universal France is under the impression of “Exile”, the new cd of Axelle Red. Her Belgian record company picked up last week with nothing but praise titles of the last few weeks appeared in the press. The French have even the best album ever of Axelle Red and “melodies that will lift you up” but that is in the charts a little brands. In France, the album of Axelle within 41 to the week after to 62 to drop. Even the album Back To Back Amy Winehouse sells in France better than the album from Axelle Red. And den, you need to know that the album of Amy Winehouse back in 2007 in the charts came out and now all is well for 417 weeks format. Fortunately, doing the album from Axelle Red in Belgium is better, and the this week on 11 in our Ultratop 50.

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