Ex-wife about his death: ’Elvis knew very well what he did’

Elvis’ ex-wife Priscilla claims that the muziekidool knew very well what he was doing, when he died of a heart attack because of drugs, and therefore suggests, according to the Daily Mail that the singer himself commited suicide.

Elvis Presley

The 72-year-old did her statements in the run-up to the premiere of the HBO documentary about the rockicoon: Elvis Presley: The Searcher that Saturday’s broadcast. She tells how great his addiction was, and says that Elvis knew very well what he was doing.

According to Priscilla, they tried and other loved ones him off the drugs to help, but without any result. “People say: ‘Why nobody did anything?’ But that’s not true. We tried it, but failed. You could Elvis Presley’t tell you what he had to do.”

According to Priscilla thanked Elvis his addiction to his short time of service in the U.s. army. When he was in Germany stationed was, would the soldiers drugs have got to wake up to be able to continue.


The unveiling comes a few months after ’suicide’notes emerged, believed by the singer himself were written. In december, the letters of Elvis discovered that he wrote to his friend and manager Joe Esposito. Therein he wrote: “I am sick and tired of my life’ and ’I have a whole long rest is needed’. He also wrote that he was ashamed for the fact that he is not of the drugs could continue and that he ’could not recover from the loss of Priscilla, the biggest mistake in my life’.

Elvis died at age 42 in his estate Graceland in Memphis in 1977. He was ten years married with Priscilla and received a year later their daughter Lisa Marie. In 1973, separated the two. As the head of Elvis Presley Enterprises made sure that Graceland in the top of the tourist attractions of America came to be.

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