Ex cheated with amputated legs”

Cardiff – A woman who her ex with a pathetic story over 60,000 euros aftroggelde, eventually three years of the cell.

English taxi driver, not the cheated man from Cardiff

The woman had her former husband mails her legs and arms due to a serious illness, amputation had to be and that they urgently needed cash.

The 42-year-old Linda Vaughan said that they by money problems, forced to live in a tent had to live. Ex Colin Wilton, who still has a soft spot for her, made in a period of four years to 201 times the money, writes The Guardian. One time, a few tens, at other times paid the 65-year-old taxi driver a couple of thousand euros.

She was not sick, but had just remarried and used the money for a luxeleventje. The couple previously had two years of cohabitation.

The stories of Linda to funding were becoming stronger and stronger. Eventually she wrote to a serious blood poisoning to suffer. Also the expensive battery of her wheelchair would be stolen.

Savings lost

The taxi driver is all his savings are gone and lives in a small room. With 60-80 hours of work he deserves a small 900 euro per month. He urgently needs surgery on his shoulder is needed, but the time in the hospital can not afford one.

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