‘Dozens dead by gifaanval Douma’

BEIRUT – In an attack with possible toxic chemicals in Douma would be at least seventy people to the life.

The battles continue to rage in Eastern Ghouta.

Relief agency, The White Helmets tweeted images of victims who in cellars by the gifaanval stitched and reports that the number of victims dramatically increases. Official sources have the death toll is not confirmed, the BBC reports.

The Syrian rebel group known as Jaish al-Islam accused government forces Saturday to throw a bomb with toxic chemicals on civilians in Douma, the last rebellenstad in Eastern Ghouta. ,,The Assad regime and his allies to go through with their crimes,” said the military spokesman of the rebels Hamza Birqdar on al-Hadath TV. According to the rebels are more than a thousand people injured.

The Syrian Observatory for human Rights, a oorlogsmonitor in Great Britain, reported eleven deaths in the city as a result of suffocation by smoke, after attacks by Syrian jets. The organization could not confirm that chemical weapons have been used.

The American ministry of Foreign Affairs speaks of ,,disturbing” posts and let us know the situation to keep an eye on. The United States will be Russia anyway be held responsible if deadly chemicals are used.

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