Dj Tony Junior does not like talking about relationship with the Moon

DJ Tony Junior told in the show of Frank van der Lende NPO 3FM last night about his relationship with Moon. But he did so reluctantly.

The dj relented for a while to have a relationship with the Moon. “We have quite a lot of fun together”, he said. But less fun, he finds the attention that the media gets to as a result of their early love.

When the news of the end of February thanks to a post from his father, Tony, known as the former drummer of The charity on Instagram came out, was the press of him even to wait at Schiphol. “But I let me not crazy.”

Moon the Steenwinkel gets a lot of attention from the media

Also in the broadcast is the father Tony that the relationship to the subject of conversation. “What a jerk is,” responded his son on it. And except the confirmation that he and the Moon what have and that the fun of it, let him, also no details los.

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