Debut Ali B. gets continued

The Flemish-Dutch film Patser with Ali B and Matteo Simoni in the lead roles is the mark of 500,000 moviegoers passed. Over 350,000 Flemish people visited the film of the directors Adil el Arbi and Bilall Fallah. In the Netherlands pulled the film for 100,000 visitors and in France, the counter is at 50,000. Enough success for a second part.

V. l.n.r. Bilall Fallah, Ali B, Matteo Simoni and Adil el Arbi

The crime film tells the story of four young people from Antwerp that a cokedeal sabotage and the drugs themselves verpatsen. Therefore, there arises a bendeoorlog in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Morocco is fought. Ali B made his debut in the role of mafia boss Hassan Kamikaze. The film is eleven weeks after the release still in the top 10 of best visited films in Flanders.

During the Ultimate Official Patser Party this weekend the gifts of Adil and Bilal the starting point for a sequel to the film: Bastards. That is in 2020 in the cinemas expected. First, expect the directors in Hollywood, directed to be able to do by Bad Boys For Life, the third movie in the Bad Boys franchise, with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Also Beverly Hills Cop 4 would be even for them lie ahead.

First signatures

“Bilall and I travel constantly, up and down to America, because we have no ‘go’ for our projects,” says Adil to The Latest News. “Uncertainty is normal now once at our job. When we asked for Beverly Hills Cop, and we thought initially that we could begin. Meanwhile, we have Hollywood all come to know and we know that that can only, if the signatures are put.”

“We suspect that we are still faster on the set of Bad Boys movie. Even though that scenario is still to be approved. But as soon as Will Smith, it’s ok, we are going to start. If there are comments and changes continue to come, is, of course, everything again postponed. For how long? That no one can predict. Meanwhile, Bilall and I do not good to wait and sit still, but we work in silence through a dozen other projects. Like Bastards.”

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