Art dealer (67) dead after fire in Trump Tower

NEW YORK – In the Trump Tower in New York Saturday, a fire raged. This is a 67-year-old art dealer to the life and were six firefighters slightly wounded.

Art dealer Todd Brassner survived the fire in the Trump Tower.

The fire brigade for a fire in an apartment on the 49th floor of the building. On images is to see how the black smoke and flames from the high tower on 5th Avenue came. Certainly two hundred firemen were on the spot and the area was cordoned off.

The fire chief reported that the fire was difficult to extinguish. Not only because of the altitude, but also by the size of the apartment, which almost entirely was on fire. It was however, the fire quickly extinguished.

Friend of Andy Warhol

The victim was found unconscious in his apartment where the fire raged. The 67-year-old art dealer was in the hospital will be dead. Todd Brassner would, according to the New York Daily News, a friend of Andy Warhol and several times in his autobiography to be called.

Tweet Trump

The American president Donald Trump in the Trump Tower, an office and a house. He and his family are themselves currently in Washington. Trump said on Twitter that the fire is out, but from the images which the fire brigade after Trumps tweet yet published, showed that not to be the case. Two hours later, reported the fire department that the fire is not under control’. He thanked in a tweet, also the firefighters and reported that the skyscraper,well built”.

It is still unclear what is the cause of the fire. At the beginning of this year raged on the roof of the tower already for a fire. That was caused by an electrical installation. It got at least two people injured.

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