Aanslagpleger had a Kalashnikov in the house

MÜNSTER – Jens R., the aanslagpleger in Münster, was the police have previously been noticed by aggressive behaviour and vandalism. In his home discovered the police, among others, a failure made AK-47 submachine gun.

R., who immediately after the incident committed suicide, had been battling a long time with mental problems and would be a few suicide attempts have done. He was originally from the Sauerland region and led, in Münster a reclusive existence. He lived only a few kilometres from the terrace.

The police searches diligently for the motive of the man who Saturday with a camper van is a popular terrace cranked up so that two people were killed. According to German media, is a 48-year-old industrial designer who is not known as an extremist.

According to the minister of Home Affairs of North rhine-Westphalia, there are no indications the attack as an “islamic background”.

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