The large diamantroof in File X

The largest diamantroof ever. In 2003 crackled gangsters unbreakable activates the vault of the Antwerp Diamond Center, one of the main hubs of diamonds in the world. The thieves are going to get with 100 million euros in gold bars, rough and polished diamonds, jewels, securities and cash money. A story that is straight out of a hollywood movie, and now Monday by Jeroen Wils is reconstructed in File X.

Monday morning, February 17, 2003. The police of Antwerp gets a surprising call. In the night from Saturday 15 to Sunday 16 February in the underground kluizenzaal of the Antwerp Diamond Center 109 kluisdeuren broken up. More than 100 million in precious jewels is gone. The Antwerp Diamond Center is, however, protected with security cameras, a network of motion and heat detectors, never cracked locks and all kinds of secret codes. The detectives are at a loss.

But that same afternoon, finding witnesses along the E19, in the Floordambos in Vilvoorde, if by chance a few garbage bags with a part of the spoils of the diamantroof. The evidence that the officers in that bags find, leads quickly to the central figure of this case: an Italian juwelenhandelaar. Detectives discover that he has been since 2000 an office for rent on the 5th floor of the Diamond Center, and a safe deposit box in the underground kofferzaal. The crack was so meticulously planned and proceeded according to a scenario that is so out of misdaadfilms as ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ had come. Thanks to detailed preparation beat the perpetrators managed to kofferkamer to penetrate without an alarm went off. There were the small safedeurtjes cracked with a system that they are in Italy on their lathe had joined hands. Not with high tech stuff, but ordinary things like what aluminum, a plate isoleermateriaal and even a brush.

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