Sylvia Geersen throws her legs in the air

They were all just past, CELEBRITIES in the limelight. Sylvia Geersen shares, meanwhile, also a photo of her way to enjoy the radiant sun.

Sylvia Geersen

And that is: “With my two legs up in the air.” The tanned long ledemoten of the model rest on the fence of the balcony. A pair of sunglasses protects her eyes and no doubt has the professional beauty hair skin is also well covered. Because Sylvia is a zonaanbidster, let them know in the tags.

Many fans are also especially interested in who the man is that in the reflection in the glass of the door; a friend or simply a neighbor. But Sylvia was silent in all languages.

In may last year she was, just after the decision of her divorce from Rogelio Castro Martinez, in any case, clear about her priorities: she wants to stay alone and focus on her career. And that the single life its also great to work with, it is obvious. “What a lovely day today!”, she writes, and: “Love life.”

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