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Stoffel Vandoorne after encouraging the tenth time: “The feeling is good”

The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne looks back at the first practice sessions in Bahrain were held.

During the first training session reed Vandoorne the thirteenth time. Vandoorne could occur during the second training session to improve for the tenth time, which of course again is very promising. Slowly, but surely coming a possible puntenfinish on Sunday again in the crosshairs.

“It was a pretty good Friday,” begins Vandoorne are looking back at the first two practice sessions for the GP of Bahrain. “We have some new parts on the car that we had during the practice sessions have evaluated. The second training session is the most valuable in terms of preparing for qualifying and the race.”

This refers Vandoorne to the fact that the first training session under much warmer conditions, was held, while the qualification and the race at sunset to be held.

“The feeling was positive. Just as in Australia we are in the group where the lap times are very close to each other. Every tenth or hundredth of a second that you are out of the car gets can be a place more to the front on the starting grid mean.”

“Qualification is always very intense and everyone ensures that they have the full one hundred percent out of the car. We look forward to that now to do the same and we will see where that brings us. The tires are very sensitive on this circuit, that we know of in recent years. There is a lot of tyre wear. In that sense, we can still have a lot of performance win, and that is also an extra challenge for everyone.”

The focus today will be at McLaren than it is also reducing the tire wear and the greatest possible performance out of the car. The good result from Australia is within the team, a source of motivation to all.

“In spite of our good result in Australia, today is the ‘business as usual’. We have had our expectations not been adjusted and are working very hard to make the car as good as possible to prepare. For example, we want the maximum possible from this race weekend. We are looking forward what to on a Saturday, we will be able to reach,” decided Vandoorne.

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