Stefan de Walle wants eyes viewer open

Stefan de Walle hopes that the viewers of the new KRO-NCRV-series Exportbaby more aware of the complexity of adopting a child from a third world country. That is not everywhere pure cake, so let the creators of the four-part series.

Stefan de Walle, Lexie Nkundimana and Rifka Lodeizen.

“It is a very exciting series about a quest for the truth,” says Stefan. “It is a very violent story. Exciting, occasionally a bit of a thriller and here and there a little emotional,” says he.

Exportbaby is about a couple that ten years ago, a child adopted from Uganda. As Hanna (Rifka Lodeizen) on a day a documentary shows about child trafficking, she knows the orphanage where she and Paul (Stefan de Walle), their daughter at that time have picked up. She decides to go in search of the true story behind the adoption process what are the consequences for her marriage and family.


The creators, according to Stefan in a very nuanced way of dealing with abuses as adoptiezwendel and children. “Not of there is a villain or the bad guy or the good guy, there is the whole subject too complex for”, finds the actor with the emphasis that the creators are not judgmental like to express on the possibility of adoption. “But it is well to tell this story, that this is also possible. This is a very interesting series so hopefully a lot of people about this topic, go talk.”

The characters in the series to come through the search of Hanna were under significant pressure. Stefan’s character Paul sees her plan is not so sit down and really want not their fine family life turned upside down.


“I understand him very well, as I also Hanna very well understand. That is actually the good of this series,” explains Stefan. “From every perspective of the family, you will understand that they do what they do and have done what they have done. That makes you a very nice picture of the complexity. That makes it very exciting and sometimes also touching to watch.”

The recordings took place partly in Uganda. A special experience, ” said Stefan. “You will get a lesson in humility if you’re filming in a slum and poverty, see that there,” he says. “Then you see how good we have here. It is perhaps a cliché but every Dutchman would be there for a week to walk around. It puts you back on earth and all other things in a different perspective.”

Exportbaby is starting today a weekly show on NPO 2.

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