Puigdemont: ‘I like the return to Belgium’

The former Catalonian minister-president Carles Puigdemont during a press conference in Berlin announced that he plans to return to Belgium to travel.

As long as the judicial procedure is underway, will Puigdemont in Germany continue, so he made Saturday clear. But when the verdict in his favor fails, he plans to return to Belgium. “I then like to return to Belgium and resume my work in exile’, was the.

The 55-year-old Puigdemont was on 25 march, on the basis of a European arrest warrant from Spain, was arrested after he with the wagon, the Danish-German border was crossed. Puigdemont was on its way from Finland to our country, where he was in exile.

Friday he was released from prison, but he must be in Germany to remain until the judicial authorities in that country are, in substance, pronounced about his possible surrender to Spain.

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