PSV warned: “They beat us, not forever.”

There is in the Premier league one goalkeeper, which more often the zero has held over Marco Bizot. And that happens to be his opponent tonight: Jeroen Zoet. The goalkeeper of PSV is on the twelve clean sheets, Bizot has eleven of them. The final item of AZ runs so far in a season, though he is still not satisfied. “By raising the bar high, you will only get better.”

Marco Bizot towers above everything and everyone


The smile within one second place for a grumpy face when that ever recurring question is asked: why can AZ already for many years not to win a club from the traditional top-3? They are in Alkmaar fond of that ” whining and crap’, as trainer John van den Brom, describes it. They know not exactly where it is located, otherwise they had already designed a solution.

The entire selection frustrated as a plug that the sparkling game that AZ already the whole season, it is overshadowed by a mediocre performance against Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord. But, as they know also, this month they can in one fell swoop put an end to that misery. With six official matches to go the team of Van den Brom, all Dutch soccer clubs, including the cup final against Feyenoord is by far the most important.

‘Everything is still open’

“Though we believe also still in the second spot in the league,” assures Bizot, who AZ a gap of five points on Ajax. “We must now go win of PSV and the week after that is going to Ajax on a visit in Eindhoven. Later in the month we play against Ajax. In short, everything is still open.”

AZ trained almost the entire week, decided in the run-up to the duel with PSV, that in a sold-out AFAS stadium is played. But the Alkmaarders, according to Bizot nothing else than to be different. “We are come thus far by the way we play and not by ourselves to adapt to opponents. Against PSV we will do the same as we in the past few months have done. Then it must have a time succeed to win of a season. They cannot forever continue to beat…”


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