Police praise man in his twenties who happen to be of the missing girl and to help shoot

The Dutch police have happened to be a Belgian vermissingszaak resolved. Wednesday night was the help of the police turned on after a teenager alone on the station was detected. The Flemish 15-year-old girl was found to be as missing to are specified in our country.

The facts were played Wednesday night, let in the train station of the Dutch municipality of Rijssen. A 21-year-old woman saw a girl alone at the railway station sitting. ‘In passing thought of the woman seeing that the girl was crying, ” says the police Rijssen-Holten, who on her Facebook page praising, spoke about the young woman. “That found her and that made them a little talk aanknoopte with the girl.”

From the conversation it turned out that the girl is 15 years old and was all the way from Bruges to the Dutch the previous night had gone. ‘They had here the previous night, agreed with a boy they had met. The boy stood by her, however, not to wait when she arrived with the train. There she was, on Wednesday night, so far from home.’


The 21-year-old woman took the girl to take home. There she was looking along with her family to address and contact details of the boy with whom the girl had agreed. “It just so happened that one of her relatives, the boy knew. The contact was quickly established, and together they went to the address of the boy.”

“The 17-year-old boy had, indeed, using the internet to communicate with the Belgian girl and he had her in a impulse invited to Rijssen. Then they promptly did, and he was so startled that he did not know what to do. Well, then, you’re 17 and the world is suddenly very large.’


Fortunately, names are also the parents of the boy very well. ‘The mum of the girl was called and it was decided that the girl that night in Rijssen would continue to sleep. The next morning she is by the boy and his parents returned to Bruges.’

The girl showed as missing was given up by her parents, who were happily relieved, and could breathe when she had the news arrived. “This story has yet a great and good end’, concludes the police, ‘and that’s all thanks to the swift action of the 21-year-old woman from the previous night, and the good care of both families. This is charity and love, with a capital N, and we are very happy!’M

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