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Lewis Hamilton gets gridpenalty for GP of Bahrain

Bad news for Lewis Hamilton, the Briton has a gridpenalty for the GP of Bahrain.

This is only the second race weekend in the new F1 season and Mercedes are all forced to the gearbox of Lewis Hamilton to replace. Remarkable for the Mercedes F1 team is known for its strong reliability.

A gearbox according to the F1 regulations, in six races lasting and the changing of the gearbox cost Lewis Hamilton in Bahrain five places on the starting grid. Hamilton can race also most to of on the sixth place on the grid to start, though he will before and / or during the qualification, the fastest time to drive.

Also team-mate Valtteri Bottas gets a new gearbox. The Fin had to after a crash during qualifying in Australia, a new gearbox cross. Also in Bahrain given Bottas a new gearbox but as this as his first race weekend goes get Bottas no gridstraf.

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