Jongerenzenders ask attention for depression

Under the motto #trueselfie questions, NPO 3, NPO 3FM and NPO FunX the coming weeks, attention to psychological problems in young people. The public jongerenplatforms want the subject in the taboesfeer. From Monday tell young experts their story on tv, radio and online.

Domien Verschuren

Presenters and radio dj’s like Jan Kooijman (KRO-NCRV), Sophie Hilbrand (BNNVARA), Domien Verschuuren (3FM), Sander Hoogendoorn (3FM) and Shay Kreuger (FunX) make the subject discussable. That is high need, according to research from EenVandaag-jongerenpanel among more than 3400 young people, aged between 16 and 34 years old. So says 54 per cent of young people are to be ashamed for psychological symptoms. In addition, seven in ten of the respondents who are depressed feel that there is a big taboo to talk about it.

Until may 16, is the subject of the order in new tv programs as well as the Depression Assessment (BNNVARA), CV of Failures (VPRO), Division (EO) and #jesuisdepri (KRO-NCRV). In the broadcasts are short self-portraits of young people who candidly share their experiences.


3FM discusses to april 15, psychological issues such as social and work pressure, loneliness, fears, burn-out and depression. On radio and online share 3FM-dj’s and other listeners will have their own experiences. So says dj Wijnand Speelman about his own anxiety disorder. On social media, listeners will be challenged for their true self to show, through their story, photo or video to share with the hashtag #trueselfie.

Hip hop goes under the street and young people the question: what do you do when you are down feel? In the discussion CritiX on 15 april focused on the use of antidepressants, that is commonly used among immigrant women.

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