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Genk takes revenge against Standard

Genk has revenge caught for the defeat in the cup final. It was in house Standard with 1-0 thanks to a penalty kick goal of Trossard. The Limburgers were the better team, but forgot the score, and to practice. In the final stage, was almost the cover on the nose. Emond scored and the goal was initially approved, but the videoref grip. The peak of Standard was indeed offside and the goal was after the viewing of the images rightly rejected. In the slotseconden got Luyindama still red.

“No revenge for the cup, which we won’t get”, said Genk coach Clement in advance. Genk, belgium, last in PO 1, had to be especially winning to connect with the fourth place – that last European ticket, you know. All is that for the People against the Rouches, where they are already eight matches could not win, not self-evident. Such as score for the team of Clement o so difficult.

VIDEO. View the summary GenkStandard

That turned out to be already in the first half. That brought a lot of better football than the cup final, the turf and the weather were much better. Standard began with Ochoa again in goal, but missed, still the injured Cavanda. Cop replaced in addition Mpoku in the base, which last sat with a slight sprain on the bank.

The Rouches started with attacking intentions, but had after a quarter of an hour yet posterior movement – Uronen and Ndongala had been threatened. Genk persisted, especially under the impulse of Pozuelo and Trossard on the left, but the Standard bite. “They are strong in the break-down of the game,” Clement pre-set and that also turned. The duels were becoming more violent, Pocognoli and Agbo flirted with red. A match on the razor’s edge.

But Genk remained the better team, only scoring was still a problem. The shot of Pozuelo whizzed next to it, and Ochoa had a good flat on a dangerous shot from Clinton Mata. There was a well-grouped Standard offensive but a little opposite.

Trossard breaks the spell

But immediately after the peace was still a Genk goal. On a submit of Malinovski ran Pocognoli to driest Samatta in the back, and ref Van Driessche pointed inexorably to the dot. Trossard finished the job (1-0). Standard had to switch and tried that, but ran quickly on a counter. Ndongala came two times but a few inches too short. On the other side had Mata Edmilson recover. The match was now nice up and down, with Genk and is most easily reached all-embracing team and Standard as the heaviest. Genk pushed the most to search for the liberating second goal. And there came Pozuelo are very close, after a fine dribble ended his curl is on the inside pole. Malinovski decided close high. Just to say that the advantage of Genk, how sparingly also, more than deserved.

VAR is doing its job

For the final assault of the Standard was already ordeloos, the visitors were still happy that Genk so sloppy omsprong with the countermogelijkheden. But most of the venom was in the tail. On vrijschop headlined Laifis against the cover strip and Emond pushed the ball in the revival simple. Everyone, including Van Driessche, saw a valid goa. But suddenly he did sign. The videoref had reported to Van Driessche: offside! Rightly so, as it appeared from the pictures. And in a turbulent slot picked up a revancherende Luyindama also still red after an elbow on Seck.

Anyway, the victory was, however, a little revenge for the cup. But more importantly: Genk nestles next to the Rouches, at one point of Charleroi. With the following Friday, Charleroi-Genk is the battle for the fourth place all the way open.

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