Frits Spits out rotation due to sick wife

Frits Spits is out of the running due to illness of his wife, with whom he spent more than 45 years, is married. Are program The Taalstaat is temporarily presented by Bert Kranenbarg.

“The Taalstaat on NPO Radio 1. Today, unfortunately, without Frits Spits. He may not be there because his wife is seriously ill. Therefore, I open today the gate that gives access to The Taalstaat”, explained Kranenbarg during the opening of the weekly radio show about our language. Also last week was Kranenbarg.

Frits Spits (70) presents The Taalstaat since 2014 each Saturday from 11:00 to 13:00 on NPO Radio 1. He met his wife Gretchen to know during his school days, they were used together in the classroom.

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