Fatal attraction murderess itself to death

Colorado Springs – A woman who, as the ’fatal attraction murderess’ the history is entered into, is now itself dead.

The American Jennifer Reali shot in 1990, the wife of her lover, Brian Hood death. The man had said that ’God willed it’. Twice, he told him that his wife shot had to be. Jennifer was so obsessed with Brian that they have the murder committed.

Reali was three months released back to die. She suffered from pancreatic cancer. Jennifer is 55. They committed the murder on her 28th so it has almost its half-life behind bars sat.

Actually had they are really lifelong serving, but the prosecutor was in the course of the years, came to the conclusion that Reali had been manipulated by Hood and never again would fall.

Also the son of the murdered woman said a year ago that he and Jennifer had forgiven.

Brian Hood is still stuck. His request for release has been rejected several times.

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