El Ahmadi: ’Rutten the man for FC Twente’

Karim El Ahmadi (33) played from his youth until the early years of his pro career at FC Twente. The captain of the Team is already ten years away, but the situation of the club from his hometown touches him sure yet. There is, in his eyes, one man to which the cases tukkers may rescue: Fred Rutten.

According to Feyenoorder Karim El Ahmadi (l), there is only one man that the cases tukkers can save: his former trainer Fred Rutten (r).

Asked about a possible role of Rutten, the midfielder clear. “I think he’s the right man, the club goes to him and he has all experienced,” says El Ahmadi, who thinks he is of crucial value in a role that is somewhere between that of technical manager and head coach. “I think that he is the technical man very well may be, but he is also very good at dealing with players and the training thereof. When I was young, he has me there, as it were, also educated as a professional footballer. I think he has a big role to get, then I believe that he is on the ride will get.”

El Ahmadi did not expect that the club with the fourth budget of the Premier league this season so difficult. “Certainly when you see them the last year are still reasonably have done. You see now sporty back that it has been a few years aren’t going well. In the beginning of the competition, we have it in The Cockpit hard against they had (2-1). Only: if you are too long in the bottom part of your body that I own in the Premier League at Aston Villa experience, then you will be in a negative atmosphere. For players that don’t often have experienced, that can be tricky. It can mentally play a role.”

“My heart is also at FC Twente’

The Enschedeër believes that Twente has a good enough quality to be in the Premier league. “If they make the play-offs, then I think they are just there to stay in. I hope I do, too, because it hurts to see that it really went well and now everything is downhill going to the club. Of course my heart is with Liverpool, but also at FC Twente. These two clubs have me raised.”

He knows that Feyenoord Sunday, despite the situation of FC Twente is a tough one. “It has to build something up, that the top clubs have it there is almost always difficult,” says El Ahmadi, who is frustrated by the reality at the champion. “It is different than in previous years. We need to place four to hold on and win the cup final, unfortunately we are not there now so many more of them. I have a lot of confidence in that next season is a team that will compete for the championship.”

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