Dries Roelvink ‘had journalism in the sought after’

Dries Roelvink is next to singer nowadays can also be heard as a ‘sidekick’ in the program 1-to-1 by dj Sven Kockelmann, in which he gives his views on the news. The artist loves news and had a career as a journalist desired.

“I had the journalism in popular, I would like to do what you do because I love language,” says the 59-year-old Roelvink in conversation with The Telegraph.

“But because I am the only lower school, I make lots of spelling mistakes. App I a message, and then google I in the meantime or something to do with -d, -t or -dt.”

However, says the singer that he was his biography of Jawbreaker, who in 2010 came out, itself has written. “With the hand. (…) People would simply not believe it, until I found a journalist that pile of leaves showed.”

Humor is often the approach of Roelvinks contribution in the radio show. “The week went about the vleestaks, I have the recipe for my meatball. It was a Wednesday, huh, gehaktdag.” But on certain topics he addresses differently. “Is genocide the subject, then you can no jokes to make. I close to myself and kept with the oorlogsverhaal of my father and mother.”


Roelvink means not only of language, he also thinks a “gourmet foodie” and love cooking. “Shopping, white tablecloth over the table so that it has the perfect look. But I cook, never more than ten, otherwise I shoot completely in the stress.”

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