Controversy about the presence of ‘thick’ honor guard in the Netherlands

The honor guard during the remembrance day on 4 may in the Netherlands is present, may only comprise persons who are not too thick, but also not skinny. “It is not respectful if the knots almost of your overall jump.’

The remembrance day at the Waalsdorpervlakte in the Hague, where the death of more than 250 people during the Second world War is commemorated, there will be this year a little bit different than last year. It was then that the association Erepeloton Waalsdorp to say that the comments of the people that the commemoration was attended on the honor guard. That would be too obese.

In the minutes of the general meeting, which RTL News could read, to read that ‘a number of members of the honor guard is a huge figure starts to get, at least for this function’. ‘There are various nasty comments and complaints about within. To prevent this, we will people with a substantial build of another task.’

One of the stalwart members of the honor guard, Bas jongeneel also supplies, reacted indignantly to Omroep West. “What is large? I don’t know. But I may do so no more. The load balancing still to come, but I think I will with the catering. Here is evidence of discrimination.’

‘Not respectful’

Not true, says the president of the association, whose minutes are licked. ‘I’m devastated’, says Vincent Gaal to NRC. ‘Jongeneel also supplies is always appreciated as a member of our association. It is not a matter of discrimination, it is a matter of aesthetics. If your overall openspringt and you have the pipes roll up, then make passers-by there comments. It is not respectful and it leads off from where the during the commemoration. Very thin people would also be distracting.’

During the annual Dutch remembrance day, 4 may, each time fifteen people on guard. That while there are around 50 to 60 active members of the association of aces and a spot.

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