Bollywood superstar after conviction on deposit free

Two days after his condemnation to five years in prison because of wildstroperij is the Indian film actor Salman Khan from a prison in the northwest of the country fired. A court in the city of Jodhpur established his release at a bail of approximately 626 euros. That shared public prosecutor Mahipal Bishnoi today. Khan is in the top ten of the world’s best-paid movie stars.

Salman Khan was on Thursday found guilty of killing of two Indian antelope in 1998. The rare animals in India are protected. Six other defendants, among whom four actors, were acquitted. The lawyers of the 52-year-old Khan stated that they wish to appeal to a higher authority. Fans of the actor celebrated for the court, dancing his release.

Khan was in 2006 and 2007 already once convicted of wildstroperij and then brought in also a few days in prison. He came out on bail, back on free feet, and the judgments were in 2016 in the absence of evidence be declared null and void.

The film actor since the nineties, one of the largest Indian heroes of the white cloth. He also played in some of the biggest blockbusters of Bollywood, including “Tiger Zinda Hai” (2017) and “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” (2015), who is also with us in the theaters to see.

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