Attack with van Münster: 4 dead, 30 wounded

Münster – A van is a Saturday afternoon in the Westphalian Münster, the most Dutch city in Germany, run on a full terrace. According to the German ministry of the Interior in the attack, four dead cases, among whom the driver of the bus. Thirty people were injured, of whom six are still in danger of life would suffer, according to German media. The driver of the bus has himself after his cowardly act was shot.

Our reporter Mark Mensink is on the spot. His tweets you can read below this post.

No co-offenders

The police in Münster says that there is no longer searching for other suspects. Previously reported local media was that helicopters were used to search for one or more accomplices. Do the police now as “speculation.”

However, there is a special unit searched for explosives. The police speak of a “muddled situation” and calls people in the city on the affected area especially to be avoided. The residents in the area around the terrace at the Grosser Kiepenkerl, a famous restaurant in the city where the attack took place, have been evacuated.

“We are in the first place our thoughts go out to the victims and injured persons and to speak our sympathy to the injured and wish them a successful healing” , says the chairman of the German police union in North rhine-Westphalia compared to a local newspaper.

Continuous danger

“There is continuous danger of terrorist attacks in Germany. Now is also North rhine-Westphalia, taken. Up until now we have attacks here can frustrate. Now we have the sketch of the investigations and possible accomplices to arrest,” says officer who Erich Rettinghaus about the attack.

Close to Dutch border

There is a huge police force on the leg, a part of the centre is hermetically sealed. The attack took place in the old center of the city. Münster is a very old city and many of the Dutch is visited. The city is located some hours drive from the Dutch border.

The area around the terrace where the attack took place, is vacated.

It is a cosy city, where the Netherlands its existence to owes. At the Westphalian peace of 1648 the Dutch republic was recognized internationally. In the town there is the scientific Haus der City. Also the joint command of the German-Dutch emergency corps in Münster was established.

It is not the first stop in our eastern neighbours. In december 2016, drove a stolen truck of a terrorist at the Christmas market in Berlin on the strolling public. There were twelve deaths and many injuries to regret. This same thing happened in the South of france, Nice, later also in Sweden.

Threat Level To The Netherlands

The attack in Münster gives as yet no response to the threat level in the Netherlands to adapt. That leaves the National Coordinator counter-Terrorism and Security, Dick Schoof, know.

The threat level is on 4, on a scale of 1 to 5. That means that the chance of an attack in the Netherlands “real” is.

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