At least two deaths by avalanche in Italian Alps

AOSTA By an avalanche in the Italian Alps are definitely two skiers to the accident. Two other victims with severe chills, to the hospital. A person is still missing. During the rescue operation in the winter sports resort of Pila in the Aosta valley were two helicopters and zoekhonden used.

Despite the fact that the ski season is about to end, conditions are still very good because there is lots of fresh snow falls. So much that an unfortunate snowboarder Thursday after a fall in which he with his head in the deep snow came out choked.

The 23-year-old Briton crashed off piste just twenty metres from the piste. When other skiers, a snowboard out of the snow saw the stitches, they discovered the snowboarder. Although the boy could soon be dug out, if the help is of no avail.

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