Annet Malherbe ‘no type’ for fame

Annet Malherbe does not like to be recognized on the street. Fame has, according to the actress, who is currently seen in the new advocatenserie Zuidas, ‘no good’.

“I’m just not the type for that,” says Malherbe in the AD. She got to the public at large is best known for her role as Miss Jackie in Debtors Creditors of Jiskefet and Willemijn Lodewijkx in the series Gooische vrouwen. “People think: there’s Willemijn Lodewijkx, that is to laugh. Well, that is not. At home, but not for strangers.”

People come regularly to see her for a chat. “That is not necessarily fun. But it is there apparently. See, people like you usually just a compliment. That’s part of the job. But I find it not, never make eye contact with people who I suspect they are for that reason a chat.”

The 60-year-old actress thinks that people her is often different than she really is. “I hear always that I rather violently overcome”, she reveals. “I find unjustified. I am clear. If I find something, I say it. Without detours. People find me sometimes intimidating.” Which criticism do not let her cold. “If someone is totally intimidated by me, that’s not good, of course. Then I must adjust, that seems obvious to me.”

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