Again problems between Sven and Ruud De Ridder

As already known, there is a hair in the butter between Sven and Ruud De Ridder. Ruud is the boss of the Real Antwaarps Teater. Son Sven left the family business and founded the Sven De Ridder Company, which is a new, competitive company.
Het Nieuwsblad knows that a part of the directory of Ruud De Ridder ended up with his son, Sven De Ridder. That first had, of course, no permission is given and sent an email to its customers to report this. Both Ruud if Sven wanted to not comment on this incident. What everybody immediately noticed were the titles of pieces such as “I am in my hole bitten” and “Stink for thanks” in the Real Antwaarps Theater to be played. It is mainly for the family is a painful thing that, after 36 years of cooperation, the son of another theatre company founded.

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