Zac Efron saves dog from death

A dog that was on the point of put to sleep because of a surplus of stray dogs, is now going to be a dream life to meet with her new owner, Zac Efron. The actor brought a visit to the shelter that the animal will eventually write, and was in love when he Tilly saw.

Zac Efron (r.) with MACA

The shelter called Bark ‘n Bitches, posted a photo on Instagram with the text: “Tilly, who nowadays goes through life as MACA, would be completed if we are its not a place for us had given. They flourished and soon got a visit from one Zac Efron, a man who says that he is an actor, but according to us, just somewhere in the hospitality industry works… He fell like a block for her, filled in all the forms and took her home, to her never more. So now live MACA with Zac and this is her ’end good, all good’!”

Also Zac posted the picture of him and his new housemate on Instagram. “Hello, world! This is MACA! Adopt a dog, before you make a new purchase.” Within a day generated the message has already been nearly 2 million likes and got Zac a lot of positive reactions on his adoptiehondje.

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